* * * * Trump

There is a lot I could and would say about Trump. The one overriding fact that convinced me that he was the right man at the right time in US history was an interview I saw of him over 20 years ago in where he was being asked then if he would run for president. The issues he spoke about and the manner in which he conveyed his assessments and observations were in step almost to perfect scale compared to what he had been saying during the electoral process before he was nominated. I do not think I have ever seen that type of consistency with any politician ever except for Ron Paul. Every other politician is and has been totally unaccountable for what they say one year compared to another. I did this video in hopes Trump or his campaign would see it and find an interest in hiring me to do other web videos. I unfortunately could not find a path to anyone that would receive my material without seeing it as challenging to their own prestige. So this is the only place that it is published.

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