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In my process of developing resources for a completely unrelated project, I happened across a story of an American citizen that took actions to thwart the Democrats from gaining a social media foothold and a WWW presence. By doing something so simple, but so impact-full, that I was moved, almost to tears, to know, that there in the tapestry of people, a true Patriot lived. What this man did was to buy up every conceivable namesake domain name that would be of political interest to the Democrats in the run up against Donald Trump. Think about it for a minute. Knowing before hand that the WWW was much more a part of the political process, it was an act of sheer intuition and patriotic savvy. I have many times bought the surrounding domain names to projects to accomplish the same thing on a much smaller level, but to do it to the tune of thousands of domains, to effectively steer the wealth of opportunities away from the Democrats, was”Heroic”
I am proud to introduce Dr Larry Kawa. Here are some of the headlines surrounding his actions and activity on the internet, all focused on controlling opportunities for the Democrats or to make them accountable for the endless legal transgressions acted out by almost an endless cast of characters.

  • An anti-Obama dentist just bought up the best new Democrat domains

  • A Florida Orthodontist’s FOIA-Fueled Crusade Against Hillary Clinton

  • JW Files Suit on behalf of Kawa Orthodontics against Treasury & IRS

  • Judicial Watch Files New Lawsuit for Clinton’s Benghazi Emails on behalf of Dr Kawa

Now I know from my own standards of responsibility that I would have, if I could have done more, in action, than I did, but I still have a body of work I executed to the same end on a much less effective or significant role. On the other hand how many people do we all know that will endlessly complain about issues but never contribute a thing, produce a material activity or product of contribution.
I believe in our time that Dr Kawa will go down in history as one of the most engaged and impactful patriots of our time. It is almost in exact contrast to the level of illegal, immoral and underhanded crimes and actions acted out by Democrats across the entire Political, Governmental spectrum that Dr Kawa’s activities and actions thrust in the direction of creating the environment for accountability, repercussion and consequence. These are results of the  illegal, unpatriotic, and immoral acts, activities and tactics  democrats have been so engorged in never paying the price for.

So for my part I wanted to create a space to commemorate, and bestow my publicly stated acknowledgement of Dr Kawa and his moral and patriotic compass, always pointed to truth and what makes America Great Again…Dr Kawa…it is my pleasure to publish these acknowledgements on my most precious internet property. Regards and Respectfully Keith Richard

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