* * * *Obama the Criminal-2

I have 2 videos to review on this page….Ok, so it is fact beyond reproach. In this news conference the processes used to analyze the Obama birth certificate  was exhaustive, detailed to the infinite and independent of any bias, manipulation or ulterior motive. The use of 2 different laboratories in 2 different countries eliminates any question of veracity and stature. The  two labs used completely different sciences and methodologies in their attempt to explain the document provided by Obama as proof of citizenship and qualification to hold a Government position. In both instances it is shown that both labs concluded with out any doubt that the birth certificate is a fraud. It is a scam. It is a phony. It is a conjured document crafted to deceive and crafted with the greatest contempt for our rule of law and our nation as it stands. This video will tell you all that is needed to know. Ask why with all this information,  is Obama meddling in the politics today behind the scenes trying to disrupt and interfere with President Trump. Where do the criminal Democrats get the gal to point fingers of accusation spelling out claims of wrong doing over and again and they are guilty of all they accuse. They should all be jailed….


For another approach proving the conclusions presented in the press conference by the Sheriff’s dept in Arizona is a photo editor based analysis. I think this is entirely all that is needed to put Obama on trial for treason. Imagine the amount of dishonest dealings he was able to steer as President knowing how immoral and corrupt he was before tasking office. If you or anyone you know had the radical friends he had we would be under surveillance and possible prosecuted for some aspect of crime, but he held the office with cooperation of every member of Congress and every member of the Senate and they all should be jailed

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