Hillary fired by dnc

There are times when we hear a saying to express a truth and often it is not a perfect match. In rare instances the saying speaks volumes to veracity and accuracy. In this instance the phrase I refer is” a leaopard neveer changes it’s spots”. This is most true of Hillary Clinton with what is being revealed with the recently declassified documents surrounding her conduct into the 2016 election. What is amazing is how her moral code and sense of entitlement was evidenced when she was hired by the DNC just out of law school and what she was caught doiung speaks for itslef and how lucky we are not to have had her as President. I did this video before the election and was unable to get syndication and progress the message in time to make a difference. It tyook 20 times longer than I thought it wqoukld to do the video, new program, learning curve and formatting issue I never knew existed. With that said here is is.

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