Dems Caught In Sting

One thing that eludes me for years is watching the Democrats accuse the Republicans of exactly what they are doing themselves and the Republicans seemingly playing along – defending the endless accusations. It has always bothered me to no end how it is always the Democrats that control the narative. Knowing what I know of Donald Trump and believing beyond doubt his patriotic creed it would not suprise me that he planned ahead. I mean it really would not take a degree in anything to know coming into this election the Democrats were going to hold nothing back to win. That being said it is a short inventory of things they could do to enhance this strategy as elections go. So it would be an acceptable assumption for me to think that what is in this video is true and in play. If it is so, the outcome could mean a true and effective dismanteling of the Democratic Swamp for the first time in history. So with that said, watch this short video and sense its validity and its implications. I hope with all my being Trump planed ahead and anticipated all this Democratic crap and has them in the crosshairs of criminal investigations and prosecutions Treason used to be a rarely spoken word but since Clintons then Obama and now Biden we have three treasonist families, all Democrat, all running free – rich as shit off the American offices they held. I want them all jailed and all humiliated publically so we can crack the liberal distemper and ideologic numbscape once and for all. The Democrats would achieve everything they are looking for if they let the Republicans accomplish what is the conservatiove agenda. One last note – there is a full length version of the abreviated video I was able to upload. Tech issues have made getting the full length version up fail for now. I am working on it and once I am able to solve issue it will replace the short version I have here

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