* * * * China the Big Lie

When I first heard the details of an economy on a path to self destruction I was intrigued and beguiled. I considered the reporting of all the growth,  the cornering of the worlds gold bullion and endless reports of profits and wealth creation.  Amid these stories were the ones that told of cities being built that are vacant. Just the idea of something the size of a city being created in undeveloped areas being vacant boggles the mind.
Well this video is just one that chronicles the endless city-scapes that are being built simply to engineer a GDP number as a charade of economic strength. To what end, I cant say,  because what is the payoff for a manipulated GDP factor. Who are the suitors for this charade. It begs the question.  In this video at-leaast you will see for your self the vacant cities. Amplifying that what is reported in the  news programming in this country is never the truth about almost anything. They hype hysteria, emotion, racial this and racial that, endlessly repeat the demonic statements of creeps and losers and debate the things they say endlessly. But letting us know the truth about China…not a word. Anyway enough of my lather…

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