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Who am I to say…
I am just a regular Joe.
I am a True Blue Patriot.
I am no better than you.
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I am no fool. I can see truth amongst chaos. I hold, that no man in      office of Government, is granted different interpretations of law to abide. That we just recently saw Congress under great embarrassment, pass a law spelling out a reversal of an exception to insider trading laws  that created exclusions that they passed in secrecy for themselves, speaks miles to the cancer that infests our country today. Think for a second the motivation to hold office. From actions taken over a span of decades we have seen self enrichment and self promotion and self empowerment be the driving forces for people holding office. The rational man asks why would a person, patriot want to delude the laws in secret riders placed on legitimate legislation in order to serve one purpose…self enrichment. Being there for the people, honoring the position and authority granted became second or even third place motivation for these persons both Democrat and Republican. If you ask about net worth before election to office and compare net worth after years of holding office you can see in a majority of cases massive self enrichment. Often utilizing devious crafted wedges in definition and clarity of law, stepping on their oaths of office, to singly gorge themselves on money opportunities, being wholly deficient and immoral to their sworn affidavit of commitment to uphold the laws and the Constitution.

Although I could go on and on, the purpose of this website is more than simply providing light on shadowy tactics and immoral elected officials. It is to serve as a place to come to see what makes this country great. What speaks to the merit of the American people.

My love of this county is with out tarnish. My grief for the sacrifices of honorable loyal soldiers and innocent lives lost in the pursuit of Liberty and Freedom and the defense of all the pillars of construct that makes up the elements called the United States of America leave me breathless, in tears of ceremony and honor, and with a resounding appreciation of the fallen, through the generations.

Never let it be said I condone the endless underhanded dealings and wealth waste that can be attributed to a handful of people holding Government office. I think of how much correction I could amass in a single day if given dominion on all things Government of the United States of America. Thinking this way allows me to see that a good 80% of all the problems with the way this country has been stewarded and managed can be undone simply with clarity of thought and a commitment to the Constitution. As a friendly despot I could simply do away with anything that violates the fabric of this grand portrait.

Reviewing the warnings by our founding fathers would be a great starting point. It is at-least with a pedigree that conforms to the highest standard of Patriotism and Honor that their messages and guidance was offered. How could we go wrong in doing so.

With that said let’s explore how we got off the path set by the Founding Fathers and then how we can re-tool the management of this great nation

With Humility and Eternal Gratitude

Keith Richard








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